Monoliths & Dimensions

by SUNN O)))

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Sam B
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Sam B Turn it up loud and just get immersed in the textures. Probably one of my favorites, I really enjoy the variety in these tracks. Favorite track: Hunting & Gathering (Cydonia).
Daisuke Duff
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Daisuke Duff This album is the soundtrack to a MONOLITHIC portal, which separates the mortal realm from the deepest, blackest parts of the center of our earth. Where the ocean's waves spin whirlwinds piercing the heavens, and form doorways to Lovecraftian ancient cities of ritualistic practice. I think. Favorite track: Hunting & Gathering (Cydonia).
Alice M.
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Alice M. I'm still not sure why I like this, but that makes this record all the more interesting to me. Nice while working. Favorite track: Alice.
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released May 19, 2009

Ensemble Arrangements Directed By – Eyvind Kang
Additional Ensemble Arrangements – Randall Dunn, Stephen O'Malley, Steve Moore

Choir arrangement from Big Church inspired by Dylan Carlson.

All songs mixed at London Bridge, Shoreline Nov 08.

Aghartha recorded: Litho, Seattle Oct 08; London Bridge, Shoreline Jan 08; Aleph, Seattle Jan 08.

Big Church recorded: Litho, Seattle Oct 08; London Bridge, Shoreline Aug 08; Rochuspark, Vienna Aug 08; Aleph, Seattle, Jan 08; Forum Music Village Feb 06.

Hunting&Gathering (Cydonia) recorded: Litho, Seattle Oct 08; London Bridge, Shoreline Nov 08; Aleph, Seattle Jan 08.

Alice recorded: Litho, Seattle Oct 08; London Bridge, Shoreline Jan 08; Aleph, Seattle Jan 08.

Cover is Serra's "out-of-round X" (1999), and was photographed by McKeever.

Aziluth/asiyyah Drawing – T. Ketola
Cyanotypes– Mathilde Darel
Triptych Illustration – Cathy Ward
Art Direction – Stephen O'Malley

Portraits Photography By – Jenn Anderson, Kerry O'Sullivan, Marco Fusinato, Mathilde Darel
Teotihuacán Photo – Gisèle Vienne

Written By Sunn O)))
Produced by Sunn O))) with Randall Dunn & Mell Dettmer
Mastered By Mell Dettmer


all rights reserved



SUNN O))) Seattle, Washington

Sunn O)))) formed 1996, Seattle WA (as Mars). A synthesis of diverse: drone, ur, noise, metal, minimalism/maximalism; supported by a cast of collaborators, O))) has two core members: Stephen O'Malley and Greg Anderson.

All digital sales directly go to O))) funding future actions. Hail to our great fans! Thank you all very much for your support so far and in the future! WE RESPECT!
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Track Name: Aghartha
Thunderous resonant sounds call from beyond the depths
And the winds of gravity change,
In memories of the consciousness of the ancient rocks,
Nature's answer to the eternal question

The tunnels of the sky
Meet under oceans
And fall into the vortex of Bermuda
The secret of the poles
Where the Eskimo never where

The lightning,
The megatons of water
They fly within
A spinning thunderous vortex

At the poles of the world
In the labyrinth of lost directions
Mankind's falsehood is the weight of gravity
Current current current

The sun has moved where the lines of the compass lay vertical at the gates
Where the world inside
Stands alone in front of eternity
In the 4 fields of the hollow earth

I search for the riddle of the clouds
Where the new world shall form from clouds
Gouging funnels in the great abyss of the sky
In the shape of the one stream

Where tunnels open into the great nothing
And the giant spaces that rent gravity
Unto the depths of the earth
Alight becomes the riddle of the labyrinth
Where the channels of the junction
Reform the ethos
And forget

I search for the riddle of the clouds
From where a new world shall form
A tunnel gouges in the shapes
Of the stream in the great abyss
Of the sky
Track Name: Big Church [[megszentségteleníthetetlenségeskedéseitekért]]
"For your repeated incapabilities of having been 'unholified'
Track Name: Hunting & Gathering (Cydonia)
I got you in my sublimes of dreams
The origin of my kind
The answer to my questionless being
In the themes of Marduk's collapse
When the asteroids explode
Around the whole of the sun
As the clouds were lightened up
And the fire balls were roaming
And the blue turns empty dried
The cradle of the next generation
Risen from above the lands
Descending like a dreamless castle
For a new hope
Cities rising from the rocks
The earth gives its mercy
But no more gold for the traitors
Who possess the ancient ruins
By their untruth spells
They take the world and the earth breathing fire
On the endless oil seas
Never ending towers of flames
Oh Cydonia merrily a picture of dreamless
Is it cold out there in the fields of those memories?
Look at me

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